Monday, May 12, 2014

What a Travesty It Would Be

Sharp adolescent voices drill across the ambient road noise and down into my spine's inner reaches. Every other to every third word is intelligible, despite my moderate grasp of the English language. One of the two voices is more like a periodic slap to the face. My soul winces at every strike. I believe the rapid change in volume coincides with every gear shift of the bus's power plant. -And then on second thought, after much observation, I am beginning to think that they were only recently adolescents. The one with the keen vocals dons a purple UW Alumni sweatshirt, black tight capris, and large Converse t-shoes. Her companion is in all thespian-black, except for the brightly tanned leather belt. The ambience is now brought to us by the downtown tunnel, where the "Alumni" attempts to tone down the vocalization, but is entirely unable to do so. I discern complete sentences now, primarily about taping, pools of water, and potential "vandalism" (her words, not mine). Her last sentence, as she disembarks in the vicinity of Westlake sounds like, "..then all the fun stuff we have planned would be cancelled." 
What a travesty that would be, indeed.


Russell Duffy said...

Makes you feel old doesn't it? Good post as ever.

JohnB said...

Much thanks...oh yeah, and then I try to pinpoint where it was that I lost interest their subject, and I cannot even remember that!