Monday, April 29, 2013

To Acquire Meaning without Meaning

"You know what they said to me? You know? They said that I look like a raccoon snack. That's what they say to me!"

The woman that I let cut the line is told the above by a man of more than sufficient girth. He sits arms and legs splayed out in the front side-facing row. The woman bends her ear down when he was halfway through talking since perhaps what was said wasn't discerned correctly. She responds with a curious, "oh?" then swiftly makes her way to a seat, having acquired the meaning without meaning. The big man's monologue wasn't not quite finished. He smoothly (as much as he could be) transitions his attentions to those adjacent to his form, and begins to relate how much of a snack he is to that masked critter known for avid cleanliness and ability to wreak nocturnal havoc to trash cans ("rubbish bins" for those of you British vernacular types).
I finally end up severely aft. I begin to notice other crazies on board the bus. Notably, there is one I recognize as one that has caused two women to ride other routes; one through his rancid hostility and the other through his maniacal "charms"...


la dolce said...

I still don't know how you do the bus! It always scared me!

JohnB said...

a scowl, a pair of sunglasses, and a hood usually is all the defense that is needed ;)